Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

The use of social media resources, such as Twitter, is an essential and effective part of modern-day Public Relations and community outreach programs.

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About Social Media & PR[]

Through Social Media people from all around the world are now able to access different types of news, with most breaking news articles appearing on Twitter before being seen on other platforms of media. Twitter has especially become a main part of Social Media and Public Relations, many television shows also using Tweets to interact with the viewers during their live shows. Similarly, Facebook and Instagram have become mainstream icons in the media, with a number of networks incorporating them into shows and social media segments. By using these platforms we are using the Digital part of Communications Media, meaning people are receiving their information by a computer-based mean.- Alex Del Casale. Sources: 


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Social Media today is such a big trend that people are following more celebrities on the search engine Twitter than the entire population of small countries throughout the world. Social media and seach engines have also become so big that in today's society jobs, and people find you on a search engine rather than you contacting them yourself. With a website like Twitter many pictures now pop-up that are copied from another webpage. This is a issue that can be argued because of Copyright

With this new way of interacting with your consumers, you allow for a more personal connection to the people and the message you’re sending, more people are being reached since social media doesn’t limit the content to a specific geographical area, and time and cost of traditional PR is cut dramatically. All of these factors work well not only to translate one’s message to the public, but also build a stronger more personalized relationship with the audience it reaches. More and more companies are discovering the positive attributes of social media, thus the issues of old PR are bing resolved. 

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PR Trends on Twitter[]

Twitter, as a free source of marketing and an unlimited medium by which to make branding slogans heard, has always been an obvious choice for businesses to attempt to tap. When considering branding on Twitter, Taco Bell has had quite an incredibly successful run, as they've tapped their audiences quite well, often times trending and regularly placing in the top branded accounts. Taco Bell's clever tweets , either directly targeted at individuals or broad over-arching 'thoughts to live by' have proven the power of Social Media in trending both brand names and corporate to public relations. Other successful Social Media campaigns from Taco Bell can be seen in their YouTube videos, such as the following.


Guess Who Loves Taco Bell's New Breakfast 2014 Taco Bell® Breakfast Commercial


Social Media & the effect on the Modern Society (WRIT1122-12)

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